Moving To A New State

Moving To A New State

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Your Complete Guide to Moving to a New State by Chantal Briggs

So you’ve decided to relocate, and across town wasn’t enough. Maybe you feel like another state has been calling your name for some time now, and you’re finally ready to take a chance and move. Or perhaps it’s a recent decision. Regardless, a move out of state can be complicated. These tips from HFM Realty will help you navigate the process of moving to a new state.

Budget for Your Move

Before you begin browsing real estate listings, you need to budget accurately for your move based on what your new cost of living will be. Learn more about what you can expect to spend on a home by researching the housing market in the area. This can give you a sense of how hot the market is as well as the most common home features. It’s also a good idea to research how much you should budget for gas, healthcare, food, and childcare.

Find a Job

Prior to house hunting, you should try to line up a job in the state where you plan to move. If lenders know that you’ll have sustainable income after moving, you’ll be more likely to get approved for a mortgage. To land a job in another state, IMDiversity recommends explaining your motivations for moving in your cover letter, scheduling remote interviews when possible, or getting travel costs covered if you have to visit the city for an interview. You can also do some research to find out which local companies will cover relocation costs.

Earn an Online Degree

An online degree can provide you with a competitive edge when it comes to job hunting, as a growing number of employers now prefer candidates with online degrees. If you're looking to increase your earning potential or explore new career opportunities, you can earn a degree and work at your own pace whether you’re studying accounting, business, or nursing. 

Start a New Business

Rather than landing a job with a local company, you might be interested in starting a business in your new state. You’ll want to start the process by writing out a business plan that includes a clear description of your company, your sales strategy, and your business structure. Furthermore, your plan should include your budgeting projections and notes about any funding needs. 

After your business plan has been developed, you’ll need it — among other items — to get your business officially started. This means choosing a business structure. A limited liability company is a popular choice due to its flexibility as well as its benefits, such as tax advantages and personal liability protections. You can research how to create an LLC, and then you can choose whether to file on your own or use a formation service. A formation service can ensure that everything is completed and filed appropriately for a nominal fee. Either way, you’ll need to compile the information requested by your state in order to file.

Find a Home 

A real estate agent from HFM Realty will have in-depth knowledge of your new area’s housing market, which is key to finding the perfect property. Ask them which neighborhoods they recommend, what price would be fair for the type of home you want, and how you should structure your offer to maximize your chances of closing on the home you want. When you attend open houses, ask lots of questions. You don’t want to settle for a home that you don’t love!

Invest in a Home Warranty

Once you’ve found your new home, take an honest look at the state and age of the major systems and appliances. If you believe they may need significant repairs or even replacement in the near future, see how to simplify your process with this: a home warranty. You may ask, is a home warranty worth it? The answer is yes if your home and systems are older. 

Keep in mind that homeowners insurance exclusively provides coverage for damages to your home's structure, theft of personal belongings, and incidents involving injuries occurring on your property. If you seek protection for potential breakdowns and want coverage for repairs or replacements, you'll have to consider acquiring a home warranty. Compare offers and choose the options that provide you with the most comprehensive coverage and value for money.

If you’d prefer to live in an area for a little while before committing to buying a home, renting is also an option. Look at local online listings and amenities to find a rental that suits your family’s needs.

The Moving Process

You’ve closed on the home you wanted, and you’re about to move across state lines! This process is time-consuming, so start packing earlier than you think you need to. Spend a little time decluttering your home first and getting rid of anything you don’t need so that you’re not packing up unnecessary items. 

You might be tempted to forego hiring movers to save money, but this could be a mistake if you’re moving long-distance. Instead, look for a reliable company that offers fair prices. Talk to the company you plan to hire about their guaranteed arrival date for your belongings - you don’t want your boxes to show up late!

Adjusting to Your New Life

Getting to know a new area takes time. Play tourist in your own city and spend weekends exploring to get familiar with it! Make an effort to attend social events, join volunteer organizations, and spend time with your coworkers outside of work to grow your social circle.

Also plan on decorating your new house to make it feel like home. If you need ideas, there are great websites you can turn to that offer ideas by room and by theme.

Enjoy Settling into Your New State

Moving to a new state can represent a fresh start. You’ll have access to different job opportunities, you’ll make new friends, and you’ll get to explore a part of the country that you might not have known much about before. Decide whether you want to rent or buy or even start your own business, as well as investing in a home warranty, and you’ll be ready to settle down in a new state!

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