Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

Buying your home with HFM Realty is really all you need.  HFM Realtors will assist you every step of the way to purchasing your new home.  Our REALTORS have the best resources in searching for your dream home pin pointing your preferences in what your home should have. The first step in getting started is to find out your budget and what amount you will be pre qualified for a loan.  If you need a lender, HFM Realty can point you in the right direction in finding one.  Once you receive your loan pre approval the home search is on!

Our HFM Realtor will take you on a tour of homes that have been preselected.  Touring a home and viewing in person will have you loving or not loving it.  But if you do that's when our HFM REALTOR will spring into action being your representative submitting an Offer on your behalf.  This is a very competitive process due to other potential buyers and handling negotiations.  That's why you need our competent HFM REALTOR working hard for you in getting the home.

You got the home so what's next?

This is just the beginning after securing your signed Offer.  Then comes submitting your deposits and getting that home inspection done.  If all goes well the sale moves onto a bigger contract call the Purchase and Sales Agreement (other states may have just one contract).  During this time your lender works with their underwriting department getting your loan process completed.  This can take anywhere from 30-45 days to complete.  Our HFM REALTORS will also work with your lender to ensure this process stays in motion all the way to the closing.

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